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We're a family owned and operated shop specializing in air-cooled VW Parts and Accessories. We love what we do here and do what we love: Working with air-cooled VW's.  Every one of us drives a VW, lives VW's, and enjoys making a VW even better than it was when it came out of the factory.  To us, this is just plain FUN and we love every minute of it.

We specialize in Kadron carburetors, also known as Solex 40/44 EIS, used on Volkswagen air-cooled engines.  Although these never came stock on them, there have been tens of thousands of sets sold for approximately 40 years for mild-to-high performance applications.  When they're properly set up, they're easy to use and extremely durable dual carburetor set-up.  Dollar for dollar, they're the best performance modification you can do to a VW, especially when you don't want to break the bank. We can make 'em go faster and run better than anyone in the industry.

Whatever you need for your project: whether it be parts, service, or accessories; we've got it.  This website is just a representation of the kinds of products we offer, so if you don't see what you're looking for, we probably still handle it. Pick upi the phone and give us a buzz, or email us.  We're happy to help!

We're a full-line Air-Cooled VW Parts source!

We carry many other stock, restoration, and high-performance for VW's, not just Kadron stuff.  Take a look around.  If you don't see it on our website, please call us or shoot us an email for a quote.  One thing sets us apart from any other VW aftermarket supplier:  WE GIVE TOP-NOTCH SERVICE.  Whether you're looking for new or used parts, we take pride in our stuff, and give fast support when you need it.

Custom Engine Builds, Engine Kits, Cylinder Heads, and Dyno-Tuning

We'd love to help you make your VW powerplant be all that it can be.  With our in-house engine dynomometer, race-proven technology, and experience building custom motors, we can help you build the engine of your dreams, whether it be a frugal mileage-maker, to an all-out race car; a show-winner, or a daily driver. Bug, Bus, or Off-road machine.... we'd love to help.  One thing that sets us aside from the competition is that we love to get involved when you have questions for your build.


Fan Shroud w/ Ducts

36hp style shrouds feature correctly engineered internal air baffles.