BRAND NEW Kadron/EMPI/Brosol/Solex 40/44 Dual Carb Kit - Type 1

These dual carburetors have proven themselves to be the absolute best bang for your buck or almost 40 years now.  We challenge you to find a better horsepower-per-dollar-spent upgrade that can be bolted on to a Type 1 VW engine with the same results as these will give you.  We at the Kaddie Shack love these carbs, and we're the recognized industry experts at tuning them and making them run at their very best. We can match them to any engine configuration.

Straight out of the box, they'll work fine with your 1600, perhaps with some jetting adjustments for altitude, exhaust system, etc..  We can make them work even better with a few modifications, as found on our website. We have pioneered industry-leading improvements on these carburetors, and can make them run even better than new. This particular set we have listed is a BRAND NEW set of carburetors, in the box, as listed by EMPI on their website as part number 43-4400, jetted at 55/130 with 28mm venturis.  These carbs are imported directly from Brazil from Brosol, the manufacturer of Solex carbs. They have 40mm throttle bodies, and larger ones are available as a configurable option.
We offer fast shipping and great technical support, too!  On carb kits that we have not done our "Magic" to, we usually ship in 1-2 business days.  For the kits with the Magic, usually 2-3 weeks.


Here are a few options that we offer to make these run even better than they were ever designed to: 

- Kaddie Shack Special Mods Package:  We are the industry experts for these carbs.  We will disassemble this brand new set of carbs, and complete all the internal modifications we do to our "Turn-Key" rebuilt sets to make them run even better than new.  We will re-center the butterflies, pre-adjust the accelerator pumps, modify and re-direct the pump discharge nozzles, re-machine the annular discharge boosters, modify the carbs & throttle bodies for SVDA, perform any other needed repairs or adjustments needed inside the carbs to bring them up to Kaddie Shack standards, wet-test them, polish the exteriors, and install our stainless steel screw kit.

- Custom Venturi Sizing:  Each and every engine has its own needs for venturi sizing.  If you run an 1835, you'll need a different venturi than a 1600, which will be different than one for a 1914, etc.  Venturi sizing may also need change with weight of vehicle, altitude, compression ratio, and intended use (such as specialty circle track racing, off-road hill climbing, etc.).  We can meet your needs with the correct venturi for your specific application.  Venturis are available in 28mm, 29mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, and 36mm for $30 per pair.   Generally, we recommend 28mm with a 1600, 30mm with a mild 1776/1835, and 32mm with hot 1776cc's or mid-performance 1904, 1914, 1968cc.  For hot 19's, and most 2.0 liter+ engines, we recommend 44mm throttle bodies, with specially-machined 34mm+ venturis.  For these applications, please contact us to discuss variables.
- Custom Jetting: Along with Venturi Sizing, proper jetting is essential to how your car performs, responds, and how good your mileage is.  Kaddies are set up pretty close to stock 7:1-ish compression 1600 dual port with standard exhaust with a stock camshaft at sea level with 55/130 jets. If you run at other conditions, or run with other options, you're likely to need help jetting to your specific needs.  If you need help in selecting jets. we'll be happy to install our recommended jets for an additional $30, but will only do this if you need other than the standard 55/130 jets.  I'm sorry but we do not give out our jetting size recommendations, as we have spent a ton of money and hours and hours of testing while researching our proven combinations. 
- Re-bushed Throttle Bodies:  Our throttle bodies are the best in the business.  Even brand new Kadrons (really EMPI-imported Solex-Brosol now), are notoriously loose and different from one set to another, even among a "matched" set of carbs.  We can drill out your original castings and replace your bushings with German PTFE Teflon-coated steel-backed bronze bushings.  These will provide a much better seal in the throttle body against vacuum leaks, which Kadrons and other Solex carburetors are notorious for.  These vacuum leaks can cause all sorts of havoc, especially when running on the idle circuit. 
- Dual Cam Linkage:  USA-made dual cam heim joint linkage is the absolute best linkage you can buy for these carbs.  The dual-arm design makes tuning a snap, and they stay synchronized once set.  Additionally, since they are not a ball-and-socket design, they won't pop off!  If you want us to scrap the original style linkage, modify your linkage arms, and set your carbs up for use with this linkage, including pre-installing your spring-cams on your linkage arms, we can do this all.
- Air Flow Improvement: We have designed and install our "Hi-Flo Kit", which moves the air cleaner bracket up and out of the carburetor throat for improved air flow and more power at high RPM's.  We do not drill any goofy holes in your air cleaner lids, so your air cleaners can still be rotated to clear your fan shroud, body sheetmetal, or roll cage.  Our Hi-Flo Kits even come with EPDM rubber seals for improved sealing of your air cleaners, and are available in two different styles:  Our Standard kit, or the Deluxe Off-Road Kit, which has a steel tube welded to the mount that extends into the float bowl and helps prevent fuel slosh during fast acceleration, hard cornering, off-road bumpy conditions, hill climbing, etc.  Our Hi-Flo kits were featured in the March 2014 issue of Hot VW's Magazine and were dyno tested on that particular engine to make 8 MORE HORSEPOWER than with the stock air cleaner bracket.  See dyno results here: 
- Velocity Stacks: For even better horsepower gains, we have aluminum velocity stacks available.  They made 14 MORE HORSEPOWER than the stock air cleaner in the above mentioned dyno testing and article. These cannot be used inside air cleaners, but are used instead of them.  For best protection from dirt and debris, we recommend running the vinyl filters.
- EZ-Adjust Mixture Screws:  Some engine bays are super tight to work in.  Bugs are notorious for this, and the earlier the car, the tighter it is in there.  We have exclusive EZ-Adjust mixture screws available that make it super easy to adjust the mixture without tools.  On engines with stock fan shrouds, the EZ-Adjust screw can only be added to the passenger's side.  On engines equipped with 36HP style fan shrouds, you can use these in both sides, as there is additional clearance.  
- Oil Breather Fitting Installation:  Some prefer to run their oil breather from their generator stand into their air cleaner to burn their crankcase fumes.  We can add a fitting in the bottom of the air cleaner base on the passenger's side to allow this to happen.
- Larger Throttle Bodies: We can supply you carbs with 44mm throttle bodies for even more flow than 40mm's for certain High Performance applications.  This is only recommended for high performance motors or engines larger than 2.0L.
- Single-Port Manifolds:  Even though they are no longer available new, we offer refurbished two-piece original single port manifolds.
- Off-Road Prefilters:  If you intend to use your carburetors in dusty conditions, we'd recommend adding pre-filters to keep the stock air cleaners clean.
- Racing Fuel Hard Line Kit:  For ultimate safety, this Kaddie Shack USA-made kit eliminates all rubber lines in your engine bay.  It is required that an electric fuel pump be used with running a hard line kit.  We usually install the fuel pump up and under the fuel tank on Bugs, Ghias, Things, etc.
BRAND NEW Kadron/EMPI/Brosol/Solex 40/44 Dual Carb Kit - Type 1
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