#6 Cobra™ Fuel Hose Flared Tee Fitting

If you want nothing less than top-notch quality fuel hoses that won't leak or fail, even under the most demanding of racing conditions, our Cobra™ Hoses & Fittings are the best in the industry.  They are simple to assemble and install, require no special tools, and are nothing less than show quality.  #6 fittings and hose are 3/8" inside diameter so they can be used in super high performance or stock applications.  Matching hose has either cloth braided or stainless braided exterior and braided stainless steel impregnated inside the hose itself.  Fittings are a beautiful anodized aluminum finish.

#6 Cobra™ Fuel Hose Flared Tee Fitting
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  • Item #: AN-824-6DBK
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Price $10.95