Conical Style Air Cleaners for Kadrons, Pair

Another Kaddie Shack Exclusive:  These conical style air cleaners are pre-drilled to use the stock air cleaner bracket to retain your air cleaner.  With most conical filters, they are only secured by the tiny lip on the bottom of the air cleaner, which leaves them prone to falling off, where they'll find their way into your alternator belt and get destroyed.  By adding the air cleaner mounting stem, they are much more secure, will not come off, and seal much better against the carb body.

These are shorter than most conical filters on the market, and have the proper lip, as they were designed specifically for the Kadron, not for a universal application.  

We recommend this filter only for a 1600 or smaller engine, and it is not compatible with either of our Hi-Flo airflow enhancement kits.  Reuse your original mounting brackets if in good enough condition, or order a new set here.  The cork base gaskets are not needed for this filter type.

These are washable gauze style conical air cleaners that have to be pre-oiled prior to use.  They are commonly also referred to as "Pod Style" filters. 

Sold in pairs

Conical Style Air Cleaners for Kadrons, Pair
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