EMPI Forged 4140 Chromoly I-Beam Rods - 5.5"

Why use a 40+ year old rod that has been "rebuilt" a ton of times when you can buy brand new forged chromoly connecting rods that are of superior quality, straight, balanced, and matched in length?  These rods have all those qualities, and they're also stroker clearanced so you can fit that 74mm crank into your stock case, or not hit the cam with the 82mm stroke, etc.  These rods are a fantastic choice for any build, stock or performance.  Some "Old School" engine builders prefer I-beam rods over H-Beams, even on the BIG engines, for the sake of saving weight on reciprocating components.

VW Journal.

ARP bolts are also optional for superb strength.

EMPI Forged 4140 Chromoly I-Beam Rods - 5.5"
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