"Dual Cam" Heim joint Linkage for Kadrons - Made in USA Return Spring and Tab Kit for Kadrons, Type 1 & 4
"Dual Cam" Heim joint Linkage for Kadrons - Made in USAReturn Spring and Tab Kit for Kadrons, Type 1 & 4

This is the very best of linkages that we've found to work with Kadrons. This is installed on over 90% of our "Turn-Key" kits we build for customers, and the one that we choose to run on all of our personal cars. The heim joint design eliminates...

Here's a really neat option that will eliminate the big "garage door" return spring for the carbs on some linkages. These return spring tabs mount on the same shaft as the linkage levers, and allow you to run the return spring up to the screw...



NEW Kadron Original Style Linkage Late Bus Type 4 Engine & Porsche Linkage
NEW Kadron Original Style LinkageLate Bus Type 4 Engine & Porsche Linkage
This linkage is brand new original style linkage, now made by EMPI. It comes with the hold pre-driled and tapped for the optional metal fuel rails (sold separately), Reproduction vintage style Kadron logo on the bellcrank optional for an additional $5. Fits Type 1 engines only.This is the linkage we use for Type 4 engines in 72 and up buses and Porsch 914's. Make sure that you not only have the proper linkage and manifolds, make sure your jetting and venturi specs are up to snuff, as well. Type 4 motor require special jetting to maximize efficiency.



USED Kadron OEM Linkage Kadron Linkage Replacement Ends, Pair
USED Kadron OEM LinkageKadron Linkage Replacement Ends, Pair

This linkage, while not perfect by any means, might be just the ticket for you. This includes the bellcrank, the crossbar (might be one-piece or two-piece), and the offset connecting link. Although not shown in the photo, it does include the ball...

Replacement ends for worn out linkage.  Sold in pairs and comes with the clips.  Tired of your linkage jumping off the balls?  These ends may fix the issue.  If not, upgrade to our heim joint USA linkage and end the problem forever.