Low Profile (Ghia, Buggy, & Early Bug) Intake Manifolds

Here's a perfect solution to a high quality intake manifold system that is lower profile than the standard Kadron or aftermarket manifold.  This is over 1" shorter, allowing ample clearance in tight spots such as in Ghias, oval window bugs, or buggies where room is an issue.  This manifold set will come with all the necessary gaskets, fittings, and a balance tube to install it.  The manifolds DO NOT come tapped for the balance tube from the factory, so it's your choice whether you want to run it or not.  We can drill and tap them for you if you like.  Since these manifolds are narrower than stock, you might need to narrow your linkage crossbar just a hair to install them.


Low Profile (Ghia, Buggy, & Early Bug) Intake Manifolds
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