Low Profile "Old School" Style Air Cleaners, Black/Black

Do you need additional clearance for the air cleaners in your Karmann Ghia, Manx Buggy, or other application?  Or do you just like the look of the old school style air cleaners in a low profile?  Either way, these are a great choice.  Back in the day, the only way to get the carbs lower was to install low profile intake manifolds and narrow your linkage.  Since the lo-pro manifolds are no longer available, this is the way we do it now.  We've found this to be a better method for a couple of reasons. You'll still have the performance of the stock longer intakes, and you won't need to narrow the linkage!  We have several different color combinations, all powder-coated in a premium finish (except of course the chrome version).

  • Metallic lids and bases with metallic cages
  • Black lids and bases with black cages
  • Black lids and bases with metallic cages
  • Metallic lids and bases with black cages
  • Chrome lids with black cages
  • Dark metallic lids with metallic cages

These are a full 1-3/8" shorter than the standard air cleaners, measuring just 2-5/8" overall from the bottom of the air cleaner base (where it mounts to the carb) to the top of the air cleaner lid.  They feature the newer gauze style oilable air filter elements, new cork air cleaner base gaskets, and all new mounting hardwere, including our EPDM air cleaner seals.  We can also add a Hi-Flo™ kit if your build calls for that as an option.

Air cleaner assemblies can be ordered with or without a breather fitting in one air cleaner base.  The breather fitting allows you to hook your factory oil breather hose directly to one air cleaner.  For vehicles with external breather boxes installed, the breather fitting is not needed, as you'll vent the crankcase to the breather box, instead.

Here's a video showing the options:

Low Profile "Old School" Style Air Cleaners, Black/Black
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