NEW Pertronix Ignitor III Billet Distributor

Pertronix Billet Distributor with Ignitor III is our TOP OF THE LINE billet distributor... the very best we sell. It is the very best performance distributor on the market, packed with feature after feater.  We challenge you to find a product that even comes close.

OPTIMIZED IGNITION ADVANCE CURVE: Comes with a factory preset performance ignition curve, set up specifically for high performance VW engines.  For hot street or strip motors that need a custom curve, it comes with several springs and advance stopper cams that can be easily swapped to modify the curve to make over 80 different custom curves!

MULTIPLE SPARKS:  Many manufacturers offer a seperate box to enable the distributor to send multiple sparks to the spark plug.  With this distributor, it is already included. This ensures your total air/fuel charge is ignited as efficiently as possible to squeeze the very most performance out you possibly can, and prevent misfires.

BUILT IN REV-LIMITER: Another fantastic upgrade that is normally found in a separate box, a programmable digital rev-limiter comes built right into this distributor with LED read-out.  For ease and convenience in programming, the rev limit can be set with a 9V battery and a pair of alligator slips.  Limits can be set in 100 RPM increments.

ADAPTIVE DWELL:  Changes the dwell angle of your spark, and automatically adjusts for subtle timing changes needed at higher RPM's to maximize efficiency and power.

CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Just in case it's accidentally wired backwards to the coil, circuit protection prevents it from becoming damaged.

IMPROVED SPARK ENGERGY:  Up to 500% more spark energy delivered to the spark plugs.

START-UP SENSING:  Senses start-up and develops more energy for improved starts.

Requires special spark plug wires that fit the male terminals on the cap.   It is also recommended that a Pertronix Flamethrower III ultra low-resistance coil is used for optimum performance.

NOTE:  Since this unit already has multiple spark capability, it is NOT compatible with other multi-spark units, such as MSD, etc.


NEW Pertronix Ignitor III Billet Distributor
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