Pertronix Billet Ignitor II Distributor

This  excellent quality USA made billet distributor has all the engineering features built into the Ignitor I model, only more. It comes with a factory preset performance ignition curve, set up specifically for high performance VW engines.  For hot street or strip motors that need a custom curve, it comes with several springs and advance stopper cams that can be easily swapped to modify the curve to make over 80 different custom curves!  Hi-quality CNC machined billet housing is polished to a high quality luster. Upper ball bearing design insures long lasting operation. 

Teh Ignitor II system features a petented micro controller that adapts the dwell angle to maintain peak energy throughtout the entire RPM range.  It comensates for inherent electronic delay by adjusting the spark timing throughout the whole range of operation.

Requires special spark plug wires with female ends.  We suggest using this in conjunction with the Pertronix Flamethrower II 45000 volt 0.6 ohm coil for optimium results.

30 month electrical warrany, 12 moth mechanical warranty.

Pertronix Billet Ignitor II Distributor
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