Pertronix DIGITAL HP Ignition System, Ready To Run Complete Kit

This is a one-of-a-kind complete Pertronix ignition system kit for performance Type 1 VW engines.  It is our top of the line ignition system for street, strip, or off-road cars with performance engines.  Kit includes:

- Pertronix Digital HD CDI control unit & wiring harnesses
- Pertronix Billet Distributor
- Pertronix HC 0.32 ohm 60,000 volt coil
- Pertronix 8mm cut-to-length 8mm Premium spark plug wires (black, red, or blue)


The totally revolutionary Pertronix Digital HP is an incredible upgrade for any high performance engine.  It has many features built into a box that's smaller than the comparable MSD and Mallory Ignition systems, making it easier to fit into tight spaces.  Features include:

- over 187 mJ of spark energy.  More than 30% more than the competition!

- Multiple sparks delivered:  All the way up the power band!  Does not stop at 3000 RPM's like the competition.

- Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) steps up voltage to the ignition coil to 530+ volts.

- 3 Step Digital Rev Limiter:  Burnout, Launch Control, and Fatal Over-Rev.

- RPM activated trigger for accurately controlling shift lights, solenoids (nitrous), and any other RPM device

- Adjustable start retard feature: For easier starting on high compression motors, or locked out distributors

- Digital tachometer output lead:  Puts out a pure signal so as not to interfere with sensitive electronic components

- Locking Molex connector and wiring harness for super clean and easy installations, positive wiring connections, and keeps terminals clean.

- Much smaller physical dimensions than competitive boxes: 4" x 3-3/4" at mounting base.

- Simple rotary switch programming adjustments with a phillips screwdriver.  No computer needed!  Programming can even be done before unit is installed by using a 9V battery.

- On board diagnostics and tach calibration.

We recommend using the stock heat range spark plugs, and increasing the gap in .005" intervals until best performance is achieved.


Pertronix DIGITAL HP Ignition System, Ready To Run Complete Kit
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