Pertronix SVDA Ignitor 1 Distributor

If you have a dual port engine with a Solex 34 PICT 3 carburetor, are running our SVDA modified Kadron carbs, this distributor is an excellent choice.  Many other carburetion systems that require a combination vacuum/mechanical advance will work wonderfully, too.  Be sure to hook the positive wire from the vehicle to the positive wire on the coil and the positive wire from the distributor.  If wires are accidentally hooked up backward, it will cook the electronics inside the distributor.  If you are concerned that this may happen, it might be a good idea to step up to the Ignitor 2 model, which has circuit protection.

It carries a 30-month electronic warranty and a 12-month mechanical warranty. 

Electronic ignition systems require the use of a coil that is 3 ohms.  Many coils measure 3 ohms, but if in doubt, measure between the + and - terminals of your coil with an ohmmeter to be sure yours is compatible.  Most are.  If you really want the utmost in performance, upgrade your entire ignition system with our Pertronix Flamethrower coil and Pertronix spark plug wires.


Pertronix SVDA Ignitor 1 Distributor
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