Re-bush Your Kadron Throttle Bodies: Pair

Tired of those old, worn-out, sloppy throttle bodies?  Kaddie Shack exclusive rebuilt and re-bushed throttle bodies are better than new... much better, actually.  Even new throttle bodies are notoriously sloppy, causing vacuum leaks and unsteady linkage.  We completely tear down, machine, and re-bush your throttle bodies, using only top-notch European steel-backed bronze bushings that are coated with PTFE Teflon for ultimate smooth operation.  These are many times more durable than the originals, and they fit tight like a glove.  They won't wear out.

(Hardware pictured not included with re-bush, but we recommend that you send your hardware for us fit, match, and synchronize during the assembly process.  They'll come out much better.)

OPTIONAL: Add $10 for modification for use with SVDA vacuum advance distributors.  Note: The main carburetor bodies must also be modified, plumbed, and a vacuum fitting needs to be installed to complete the SVDA-ready conversion.

Check your cores before sending:  They must not have rusted/pitted shafts. The buttlerflies must still be round (hold them up to the light and see if light shows around the edges when closed).  The idle mixture screw must seal off the passage when turned in all the way.  They must not have been "re-bushed" already, with castings overdrilled... this is usually very easily determined by looking at the screws that hold the throttle plates on.  Email photos if any questions, or you can send them in for free inspection.

Re-bush Your Kadron Throttle Bodies: Pair
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