Rebuild Solex H40/44 EIS Carburetors, Pair

We charge a very moderate fee to rebuild your Kaddies, and we even go so far as to say that ours are better running when we're done with them than the day they left the factory. There is no better place in the world to send those old, crusty Kaddies to.  We completely and comprehensively disassemble, clean, test and rebuild your Kadron (EMPI) Solex H40/44EIS carburetors.  When Hot VW's Magazine wanted to write an article about how to properly rebuild Kadron Solex H40/44EIS carbs, they contacted the us for assistance in writing a detailed article, and visited our shop, as featured in the July, 2011 issue.  It's no wonder that people send their carbs in from all over the wold to us!

We have an online article that explains exactly what we do when we spend an average of 5-8 hours on a pair of carbs, getting them running in tip-top form.  You can view it here:

Rebuilding Instructions

Since we do so many of these, and these are the only carbs we do, we are pretty darned good at it. Included in this charge is the cost of carburetor cleaner, hazardous waste disposal, and the parts and labor charges for inspecting, cleaning, and rebuilding one carburetor.  This charge does include minor "normal" repairs, measuring for the correct jetting to match your specific engine requirements, and bench-testing the carburetors.  It does not include component repairs or replacement parts that are required because of a specific defect.  We will contact you regarding that. We will test and redirect your accelerator pump discharge tube, pre-adjust your accelerator pumps, shim the pump drive rod, straighten the pump lever, check and re-stake the air correction jet if necessary, check your jetting to be sure it matches your application, check and test all components for proper operation, check your throttle bodies, synchronize your linkage lever arms, test your accelerator pump primary and secondary check valves, check your air correction jet operation, test your floats, replace your needle and seat, clean and test your fuel passages, clean and inspect the interior and exterior, including venturi removal and annular discharge booster, add our own exterior finish luster, and install new high quality gaskets MADE IN USA.  If additional items are in need of repair or replacement, we will let you know.  


- Re-bush your throttle bodies:  We can replace your bushings with our world famous German Steel-backed, PTFE-coated bronze bushings that are rock solid and tight. These are way better than even the factory bushings!

- Modify your carbs for use with an SVDA (Single Vacuum, Dual Advance) distributor, as was used with a variety of dual carbs from the VW factory.  Vacuum fittings will be installed, and the vacuum passages will be modified so as to make them completely compatible with the well-recognized superior SVDA technology.  These distributors help to significantly improve mileage, while giving smoother, seamless performance throughout the whole power band.  It's a good idea to have the carbs modified for them while they're apart

- Modify the carbs for and supply our Dual-Cam, Heim-Equipped linkage, MADE IN USA:  We'll supply the linkage, and pre-install the return springs, modify the linkage levers, install the spring retainers, and set you up with all the best of the best linkage that money can buy for these carbs.  No more popping off the balls, and no more loose and sloppy linkage.

- Install new Air Cleaners: We can install stock chrome air cleaners with washable elements, install our "conical style" air cleaners with retainer brackets, or install our "Old School" type air cleaners for that restored look.  The "Old School" type air cleaners come in a painted finish, or with chrome lids and stainless steel mesh screens. All of our air cleaners come with new washable elements, cork base gaskets, and EPDM rubber seals for the lid retainer bolts.

- Install our Hi-Flo kits: We move the restrictive air cleaner retainer bracket up and out of the carburetor throat.  Our kits do not require that you ruin the look of your air cleaners by drilling extra holes in them or having to tape off the original hole.  The Deluxe Kit also has a steel tube welded in (not a soft aluminum one held in with zip ties) to vent the float bowl; thus preventing fuel from flooding in from the float bowl during hard acceleration, climbing steep hills, slaloming, or bouncing around in rough terrain.

- Install jets and venturis: Add custom-sized venturis and re-jet for larger/smaller engines, higher elevation, or improved high performance applications.

- Add 44mm throttle bodies: Only recommended for high performance engines larger than 2.0 liters

- Supply air cleaner pre-filters: To help keep your air cleaners from clogging up when driving in dusty conditions, such as dirt roads or off-road.

Rebuild Solex H40/44 EIS Carburetors, Pair
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