Restored Original Vintage Kadron Air Cleaner Assemblies

Need an original restored set of Kadron air cleaners, complete with logos?  This is a restored OG set.  Occastionally, we are able to obtain cores that are in good enough shape to offer completely restored air cleaners.  We have sorted through hundreds of sets and hand-picked these to be the best of what it available.  Naturally, they will have minor blemished here and there, as to be expected from 25-45 year old parts that have been in service.  The original parts are completely stripped to bare metal, then powder-coated in a premium finish to match the original color.  We add the newer gauze style oilable air filter elements, new cork air cleaner base gaskets, and all new mounting hardwere, including our EPDM air cleaner seals.  We can also add a Hi-Flo™ kit if your build calls for that as an option.

Air cleaner assemblies will come with one of the factory welded breather fittings in one air cleaner base.  The breather fitting allows you to hook your factory oil breather hose directly to one air cleaner. 

These are available in limited quantities, and only from time to time as we obtain the best core sets to restore.

Restored Original Vintage Kadron Air Cleaner Assemblies
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