X-Celerator Speed Wheel Accelerator Pedal Upgrade, '58 to '79 T1

This accelerator pedal upgrade is the very best pproduct we know of to upgrade and strengthen a stock VW pedal.  It fits all Type 1's, from '58 thru '79.  The welded double pivot roller bracket is much sturdier than the stock pedal bracket, giving smoother pedal operation.  It is also designed with an offset built in to better align your throttle cable with the tube in the tunnel.  This helps prevent premature breakage.  The CNC machined billet pedal assembly is powder coated, and redesigned tensioner spring keeps it firmly attached to the delrin roller for silky smooth operation.  This is the pedal we use in the Kaddie Shack race car, and we love it! '66 and earlier cars require swapping the throttle cable to the later type cable, and is offered as an option.


Check out the video below to see its benefits, features, and installation:



X-Celerator Speed Wheel Accelerator Pedal Upgrade, '58 to '79 T1
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